Corporate Social Responsibility - why are we doing it? 

We take our CSR conduct and responsibilities very seriously, and are committed to ensure that the work we do and the way we conduct it is integrated with our CSR aims and objectives. 

We feel that this defines what we are like as a firm and how people perceive us. We want to be a firm that people like to work with, and a company that people want to do business with. 

Our CSR aims are concentrated on three areas:

  • to work in partnership with local communities
  • to develop relationships with employees and customers which support and build on our CSR policy
  • to work in a way that minimises the impact we have on the environment, and encourage sustainability in all our purposes

Our dedicated CSR committee focuses on the following areas:

Winckworth Sherwood takes this very seriously and is passionately committed to ensure that our business is integrated with its CSR aims and objectives.

Winckworth Sherwood wins Southwark Star Award for its CSR contributions

Winckworth Sherwood is proud to have been awarded 'Best Charity/Corporate Partnership of the Year' at the Southwark Stars 2017.


Bankside Star

Winckworth Sherwood is proud to have been recognised as a Better Bankside “Bankside Star”.

Please contact Charlotte Cook for further information on our CSR policy.

Download a copy of our CSR Brochure.