Local Volunteer Schemes

We actively encourage members of staff to become involved in activities to help support people in our local community.

This is more than just giving our time.  It also involves sharing our energy, knowledge, expertise and our passion with others.  By becoming involved in long-term projects, Winckworth Sherwood is building valuable relationships with the wider community that are mutually beneficial and help to add a sense of purpose and perspective to what we do.

Volunteer Primary Learning Partners

We have been involved in Southwark Council’s Primary Learning Partners Scheme and are looking to re-establish this. The scheme is one whereby members of staff visit local schools several times a month providing support for individual pupils who need extra assistance with their literacy, on a one-to-one basis. Southwark is one of the more deprived areas of London and includes children of families whose first language is not English. Our volunteers feel they are making a real difference to the children by helping to build relationships with people outside their family and school groups, developing their confidence and unlocking talents. 

Food Bank

The Trussell Trust runs a nationwide network of food banks which distributes food to the homeless. Every Monday lunch time, volunteers from Winckworth Sherwood help out at the Lewisham branch. 

Rent Arrears Clinic  

Winckworth Sherwood, in conjunction with the Southwark Citizens Advice Bureaux, has set up a rent arrears clinic, providing advice to tenants  of the London Borough of Southwark who are in or at risk of being in rent arrears.  This aims to assist those attending: ensuring that tenants are only liable to pay the rent they are asked to pay, explaining rent enforcement procedures, checking that full benefit entitlement is being sought and helping those in arrears with suitable repayment provisions. 

NCS: The Challenge 

During the summer, we host groups of 15-17 year-olds who are taking part in a three week scheme called “National Citizen Service”. The scheme is run by The Challenge – the UK’s leading charity for building a more integrated society. Part of the scheme involves the group visiting a workplace for an hour, to see what a working environment is like and to hear about the careers and experiences of some of the staff.

Peabody Trust Employment Initiatives

We work with the Peabody Trust to provide mock interview training with those users of its employment initiatives service, intending to allow and assist in making progress back into work for the long term unemployed.


Hestia is a charity, working together with adults and children to change their lives at the times when they most need support - especially those who may have been effected by domestic abuse, people suffering from mental health issues, ex-offenders and victims of human trafficking.