Our litigation lawyers understand the potential damage that a single defamatory publication can cause to your brand or reputation, and our expert solicitors have many years of experience handling sensitive defamation and reputation issues.

With experience of acting for both claimants and defendants, our team can help protect brand and reputation, often resolving issues without the need to go to court.

Our litigation lawyers are experienced in seeking emergency injunctions to prevent damage to our clients’ reputations by the unlawful actions of others.

Recent work has included:

  • advising a privately owned company in relation to malicious falsehood by a competitor business
  • acting for a major house builder in a dispute with a resident and obtaining undertakings not to make any defamatory statements
  • representing an individual whose proposed commercial transaction was threatened by the prior publication of statements denigrating his character
  • advising a charitable organisation in relation to defamatory statements, internet posts, and circulated material in relation to the charity and its CEO
  • acting for a religious organisation in relation to protests and defamatory statements against the organisation and its individual members by another small religious group
  • obtaining emergency injunctions against persons known and unknown to prevent harassment and threatened defamation at a planned large-scale protest

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