The Freedom of Information Act 2000 legislates on access to information held by government bodies, including central government and local authorities.

Complex issues arise when considering whether applicants are entitled to have information disclosed to them, or alternatively whether a public body is entitled to withhold disclosure, and possibly even any admission as to whether the information even exists.

We will advise you on the rights to information, including;

  • General right of access to information held by public authorities
  • Publicly-owned companies
  • Requests for information
  • Fees
  • Time for compliance with requests
  • Means by which communication to be made
  • Exemption where the cost of compliance exceeds appropriate limit
  • Fees for disclosure where cost of compliance exceeds appropriate limit
  • Vexatious or repeated requests
  • Special provisions relating to public records transferred to Public Record Office, etc
  • Duty to provide advice and assistance
  • Refusal of requests
  • The Information Commissioner and the Information Tribunal
  • Publication schemes
  • Exempt information