If you are thinking of extending your lease, it is important to take advice promptly to see if you qualify for the right to claim a new lease as the premium payable for a new lease will increase sharply if you allow the term to drop below 80 years before exercising your right. With shorter leases it will become more expensive to extend over time all other things holding equal.

Landlords and tenants alike can be caught out by developments in the statutory framework and related case law such as:

  • the deferment rate
  • the availability of the right to intermediate landlords

With the benefit of our many years of experience, we provide a practical commercial approach to each situation

Have any questions?  Click below to access our enfranchisement FAQs:

Click here to access our Enfranchisement FAQs

We are here to assist you, whether you are a tenant wondering whether it is the right time to commence the procedure or a landlord in receipt of a tenant’s lease extension notice.

We act for:

  • social and other landlords in receipt of tenant’s claims to extend their lease
  • intermediate landlords  both in their claim for a new lease with regard to claims made by their tenant 

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