PRS 2013, was a huge success with over 120 delegates at our inaugural conference in Glaziers Hall.

We are extremely grateful to our speakers Emma Reynolds MP, Ravinder Walia, Scott Hammond, Neil Hadden and Russell Pedley, delegates and breakout session leaders Rosemary Bell, Liz Peace, Andrew Pratt, Robin Priest and Ian Merrick for creating what was a unique day, bringing together the ideas, innovation and experience of the residential property, investment, public and housing sectors.

Highlights of the day

Shadow Housing Minister Emma Reynolds MP at her first speaking engagement in her new role identifying stability, affordability and the quality of homes as being the key to growing the Private Rented Sector. She talked about the necessity for 200,000 new homes to be built before the end of the next parliament, the impact on children living in the rented sector and having to move frequently is a factor for those who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs). Ms Reynolds also talked about the value from PRS in more certainty for landlords who are more likely to benefit financially from stable tenancies.

Emma Reynolds also suggested that a future labour Government may:

  • Look at the mortgage industry and the mortgage products that don't allow landlords to give longer tenancies.
  • Consider the issue of tent increases and the effect on those with already squeezed wages.
  • Review the charges for tenants made by letting agents and those that they consider to be unfair to ensure tenants are not ripped off.
  • There may in the future be incentives to landlords to sign up to minimum standards for property.

Ravinder Walia, head of the £800m DCLG Build to Rent Fund, highlighting the need for financial backing to encourage new building and the ambition to increase the size of the PRS to around 32% of housing stock across the UK. Ravinder also hinted there will be further announcements made by the Government before 2014 on funding schemes which are in place already, and stated the need to create a more stable environment for funders to give them the confidence to invest in the sector where banks are not yet prepared to invest.

Neil Hadden, CEO, Genesis Housing Association who said that the Government and regulators need to reflect on today's realities, not in the past. He talked about the innovative Stratford Halo scheme which already offers:

  • 3-5 year tenancies
  • Predictable rents based on RPI
  • High quality accommodation 

Russell Pedley of Assael Architecture, showed us a number of innovative schemes where hospitality meets residential and how properly thought out build to let schemes can encourage tenants to stay for a number of years, moving within the scheme as their life needs change.

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Presentations from our speakers:
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Ravinder Walia | Head of the DCLG Build to Rent Fund:
Expanding the Rented Sector

Scott Hammond | Managing Director | Essential Living:
New Rules of Renting

Neil Hadden | CEO | Genesis Housing Association:
Private renting: new ground or business as usual?

Russell Pedley | Director, shareholder & co-founder | Assael Architecture