S3 is our dedicated portal for schools that sign up to our School Support Service. You can login to S3 whenever you want in order to access news, know-how, briefings and FAQs relating to schools.

You can also sign up to email alerts on particular topics you are interested in and use the site to sign up to any of our education seminars. If you can't find the answer you are looking for on the site, please speak to one of our advisors by phoning our helpline on 0845 070 7437.

Login Details

Once your school's unique login details and a link to the site are sent to you by email, you can login straightaway. A link to the site is also available here

To save you from entering your User name each time you log on to the site, select the option that says 'This is a private computer' when you are logging in from home or at the office.

In order to maintain security, we will send you an updated password once a year. If you forget your login details, please let us know and we will re-send you your login details.

Your feedback

We are interested in receiving your feedback on how we can improve the site. To get in touch, please call our helpline or email us on schoolsupport@wslaw.co.uk

About the site

The site is aimed at giving our School Support clients an introduction to the various areas of law that affect schools and the content is not intended to provide an exhaustive statement of the law and should not be relied on as legal advice to be applied to any particular set of circumstances. Whilst the content of the site is accurate at the time it is uploaded, law and guidance will inevitably change over time so you should speak to one of our advisors if you require specific advice on a particular issue.

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