School Solicitor

Heads Up: The Spending Review and Schools

Thu 26 Nov 2015

The Government spending review has been eagerly awaited by Schools. Here are some of the key headlines...


New EFA Academies Financial Handbook tightens governance

Thu 23 Jul 2015

The EFA have issued the updated Academies Finance Handbook, which comes into force on 1 September 2015 for all Academy Trust Companies (ATCs). Accounts for the year ending 31 August 2015 must comply with the 2014 Handbook.


Teacher Struck Off for Facebook flirting, bottom slapping and indecent images

Fri 19 Sep 2014

Mr Arnaud Barge a 40 year old Head of Modern Foreign Languages previously working in Bromley has been banned from teaching for life by the Secretary of State following a Panel hearing before the National College for Teaching and Learning, subject to his right of appeal.


Housing Market for Older People

What will mega mergers mean for older residents?

Mon 18 Jul 2016

Much has been made in the housing press of the recently reported proposed 120,000 home ‘mega merger’ between Sanctuary Group and housing&care21, and they are not alone. Consolidation in the social housing sector is gathering pace.


The return of multi-generation homes

Tue 31 May 2016

Much of the discussion around housing an older population has focused on extra-care accommodation. But, says Charlotte Cook, multi-generation homes are still high on the agenda.


We’re not going anywhere!

Mon 04 Apr 2016

Whilst debate continues surrounding the provision of housing for first time buyers, it is worth noting the disproportionate level of home ownership among the over 55s and how constant that has remained over the last 40 years.


Family Law Q&A with Katie Spooner

Financial Orders

Thu 09 Feb 2017

I am going through a divorce and a friend of mine told me that I should get a financial order. What is it and why is it so important?


Should I get a pre-nup?

Tue 31 Jan 2017

I am getting married and my friend has told me to get a pre-nup as I have property and a business of significant value. What is the point as I did not think pre-nups were binding in this country? My fiancée and I plan to live in the property I inherited from my parents but she understands that if we divorce that property will remain mine. I am going to keep it in my sole name. I also intend to employ my fiancée to handle the PR for my business but she will not be given any shares or directors rights. Is that not sufficient?


Is what I say during mediation confidential?

Mon 28 Nov 2016

I am going to a mediation to discuss my divorce. It's not amicable and I’m concerned about confidentiality. If we can't come to an agreement in the mediation, can what I say during the session be used against me in any way in court?


Cycle to MIPIM 2017

Day 3

Tue 14 Mar 2017

Now it is clear that the chamois cream that I have been applying in discreet areas is not working?


Day 2

Mon 13 Mar 2017

Alarm rings at 4.45 - breakfast at 5am with all of us vacating hotel and on our bikes by 5.45 am for a 6 am start- this is not a holiday camp!


Day 1

Sun 12 Mar 2017

The alarm went off at 5.30am in order to get the only train from Bookham that SWT allow bikes to be carried - the only worry being whether it would run. The alternative would be a 27 hike into town even before the start of Cycle to MIPIM. Unusually SWT didn't disappoint!


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Window Dressing: a forensic accountant's guide to alternative facts in financial results

Wed 29 Mar 2017

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