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Training completed!

Wed 08 Mar 2017

Well, all training done - or as much as I could do has been done! ...... and the big start is tomorrow at 9am with about 80 miles to Folkestone (day 1 of 6) as a warm up! Last time I did that it took me the rest of the weekend to recover!

The guys at Club Peleton and L&G have been brilliant in their organisation and each of the days 2-5, 6 stages fully mapped out- and the hard stuff really kicks in on Friday with 200 miles to be covered.

My thanks to Mike Axon at Vectos for sharing his experience of last year in terms of how to eat and drink your way through it all- alas not a lot of alcohol!... And all to prevent Bonking? Now I thought that would be the last thing on anyone's mind after doing 200 miles on a bike saddle! However apparently according to Mike, it's a cycling term when you lose your marbles through lack of drink/food- I had better learn these cycling quips quick in order to avoid potential embarrassment!

Many thanks for all the companies and individuals who have sponsored Jim and I which is really appreciated - it makes this feel all the more bearable and I look forward to meeting me fellow riders and those in 'Team Elliot Wood' tomorrow.

Au Revoir



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Cycle to MIPIM 2017

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