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Day 3

Tue 14 Mar 2017

Now it is clear that the chamois cream that I have been applying in discreet areas is not working? It feels and looks like emulsion and as difficult to remove from ones hands after applying!  Anyway I think best not ask Jim on how to apply it properly and just smother it on. That, as well as wearing two sets of shorts, seems to have done the trick!

Alas yesterday's full day is taking its toll. After doing the first stage in the beautiful countryside and champagne region of Reims, in a beautiful sunrise on a frost covered valley, the wheels slowly start to come off. I manage the first 3 large stages in descending enthusiasm and the fast short one after lunch (38km) is the final straw!

The draw of a coach trip with other riders giving up that stage to the next start, and the rumour that the location has a bar with TV for the Eng v Scotland game, is too much to pass up. So we have a nice couple of beers and watch the second half of a great game and call it a day.

Day Total: Approx 232km 4 stages out of 6.


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Cycle to MIPIM 2017




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