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Lib Dems propose volunteer-run libraries in Bristol

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Young and old at odds over security of personal data

Similar to the results of the EU referendum, opinions of the young and old also differ over data security. 30% of adults aged 50 and over are more concerned about the risk of their identity being stolen, while almost the same amount of 18-24 year olds (29%) are more concerned about not knowing what companies will do with their personal data.

Thu 02 Feb 2017

Entrepreneurs’ relief – but only for some

The Chancellor’s budget tweaks for entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) dealt a blow to a tax structure that emerged shortly after its original introduction to deal with its most unfair effect.

Mon 23 Mar 2015

Pension funds drawn towards long-income real estate assets

Pension funds are finding long-income real estate assets increasingly attractive investment propositions, experts have noted.

Tue 03 Jun 2014

Developers keen to share risks through joint ventures

House builders in the UK are increasingly entering into joint ventures in an effort to minimise risk.

Thu 29 May 2014

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