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Lib Dems propose volunteer-run libraries in Bristol

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News: Simon Randall

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Mass closure of libraries may be illegal, warns union

A leading trade union has warned that closing large numbers of libraries across the UK could be against the law.

Thu 18 Feb 2016

Greater Manchester councils' library services enter new partnership

Library services at seven councils in Greater Manchester are joining forces by creating a shared online catalogue system.

Thu 04 Feb 2016

First volunteer-run library opens in Leicestershire

The first volunteer-run library in Leicestershire is now up and running.

Mon 03 Aug 2015

Laws must be overhauled 'to promote mutualisation'

Policymakers have been urged to amend rules that make it more difficult for organisations to adopt the mutual model.

Fri 10 Apr 2015

Community steps in to save library amid public spending cuts

The government's public spending cuts have seen library services reduced across the country, but local community in Hull is determined to take a stand against proposals that will see library opening hours cut in libraries across the city.

Wed 25 Feb 2015

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