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Housing associations 'should be given support to install green energy systems'

Thu 08 Aug 2013

Housing associations should be given financial assistance to allow them to install green energy systems, a group of MPs has stated.

According to the Energy and Climate Change Committee, support for small and large-scale renewable energy projects is currently available from the government.

However, the body said many medium-sized projects "currently fall in the gap" between the two and therefore "struggle to access support".

It has therefore suggested that groups looking to adopt renewable energy generating systems such as wind turbines and solar arrays should be able to receive help.

The body has called for a new type of support mechanism to be put in place, along with a "comprehensive package of measures" that addresses issues such as finance and planning.

Dr Alan Whitehead, a member of the committee, argued that encouraging organisations to use locally sourced renewable power can "bring benefits" both to communities and the wider country.

For instance, he said green energy can help to reduce energy bills, tackle fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions.

Colin Hall, partner at Winckworth Sherwood, commented: "The hiatus with the incentives that knocked investors’ confidence between 2010 and 2012 is largely responsible for the gap identified by the Committee. 

"However, now that the incentives have settled down funders are beginning to develop innovative financial products which can assist the kind of larger-scale roll-outs the Committee has in mind.   For further information contact me."

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