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Oldham Council clamps down on cheap alcohol prices

Thu 05 Nov 2009

Supermarkets in Oldham which sell alcohol at discount prices could soon be subject to new regulations.

Oldham Council recently targeted 22 town centre bars that it considered to be offering drinks at irresponsibly low prices.

However, the authority accepted their argument that many people visiting these pubs and clubs were intoxicated on cheap alcohol before they left their homes.

As a result, Oldham Council has contacted retailers such as supermarkets to inform them that it is planning to change licensing restrictions in the area.

This means that if vendors are planning to sell alcohol at less than 50p per unit, they will be required to adopt additional measures such as not running cheap drinks promotions outside a designated alcohol zone.

In addition, under-18s will not be allowed in that zone unless they are accompanied by an adult, while a security officer must be stationed in the area during trading hours.

Robert Botkai, a partner at Winckworth Sherwood, commented: "The use of the review process to impose restrictive conditions on the trade is a great concern for licence holders and no doubt will be resisted.

Please do contact Robert if you receive correspondence from Oldham Council.

Retailers have until the end of the year to give Oldham Council their views on the proposals.


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