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BHA calls for tougher measures to stop free schools teaching creationism

Thu 22 Dec 2011

The government has been urged to put tougher rules in place to stop creationism being put on the science curriculum at free schools.

According to the British Humanist Association (BHA), the current guidance barring the subject being taught to pupils at these institutions must be made "statutory and enforceable".

Andrew Copson, chief executive of the BHA, said this is necessary because free schools have "considerable latitude" over the curriculum they teach, when compared with traditional schools.

This, he stated, could lead to them teaching "religious dogma in place of objective teaching on issues such as creationism".

Although no creationist groups have yet received approval to open a free school in England, Mr Copson said many of these organisations are confident they will get the backing they need from the government.

According to the Department for Education, the opening of free schools across the country represents a central part of the government's efforts to raise standards nationwide.

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