Need to Know - Issue 2 2017

Spring Legislation Round Up

A round up of the latest legislation, including increases to both the National Minimum Wage and statutory pay and Gender Pay Gap reporting.

European decision on headscarf ban – impact on UK employers?

The European Court of Justice (‘ECJ‘) has now published its eagerly awaited decision concerning whether a dress code policy applied by an employer (G4S) in Belgium preventing its employees from wearing a headscarf (hijab) for religious reasons contravened European anti-discrimination legislation.

Pimlico Plumbers: Further Judicial Guidance on the Question of Self-Employment

The issue of how to determine employment status has again been considered by the Court of Appeal in the recent case of Pimlico Plumbers and Mullins v Smith [2017] EWCA Civ 15.

Data Subject Access Requests: opening the floodgates?

An individual's right to make a data subject access request (SAR) to find out what information a data controller holds about them is a central tenet of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). The main purpose of subject access rights is to enable an individual to check whether their data is being processed unlawfully in a way which infringes their privacy.