E:gen - September 2014

Professional consultants’ obligations to third parties

The Court of Appeal recently handed down a decision which will be welcomed by consultants and developers alike.

Commencement of Development – Practical Tips and Pitfalls

It is important when looking to commence a planning permission that careful consideration is given to the requirements of the relevant planning conditions and section 106 obligations and any liability to CIL.

Insolvent tenants: Administrators to “pay for what they use”

The decision in Game Station strikes a fair balance between the often competing creditor and expense groups.

Anti-social legislation provides scope for injunctions and possession

Tough new legislation to tackle anti-social behaviour gives housing associations greater powers.

Residential Tenant’s Right of First Refusal over Commercial Units

The tenant’s right of first refusal was introduced to prevent landlords from selling the reversionary interest in a tenant’s flat without the tenant’s knowledge, and to give tenants a chance to become their own landlord.