E:gen- February 2015


In light of recent key reports and reviews, now is a timely moment to consider the appropriateness of the use of RPI as a method of measuring inflation in commercial contracts.

Ensuring that utility agreements do not delay your development

Putting utility agreements in place in a timely and effective manner is essential to a successful development programme. This note explores some tactics and approaches to achieve this.

Judicial Review: Planning for a Challenge

We explain the timescale for making and serving an application for judicial review and the searches and enquiries that we carry out prior to completion to investigate whether a challenge has been made.

Changes to calculating Affordable Housing contributions- A Helping Hand to smaller developers?

In November 2014 the Government amended the National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) to include a proposal that a financial credit should be applied to affordable housing contributions where buildings are brought back into use or demolished in order to allow redevelopment. But how far do these amendments help the smaller developer?

Environmental Impact Assessment Consultation – The Government’s Response

Following the Government’s consultation on Environmental Impact Assessment Thresholds in July 2014 and the subsequent responses received, the Government has now stated its intention to raise the environmental impact assessment screening thresholds in line with its proposals.