E:gen - May 2015

Scope of Zero-Rate VAT Treatment of Charitable Construction Works

Taxpayers should consider certain measures to maximise their benefit from the zero-rate application to charitable construction works and avoid future charges.

Are you a Heat Supplier?

If you are a building owner or manager - of any type of building – you need to ask yourself two questions well before the end of this year - if the answer to these two questions is yes, you could be a 'Heat Supplier'.

Assets of Community Value: A Real Impact on Development

The community right to buy is based on the concept of giving local people the opportunity to take control of assets and facilities in their neighbourhoods. The real impact of the legislation remains to be seen but the potential for slowing down development is very real and is something developers should be alive to when considering new development opportunities

Who should be a Principal Designer?

The most significant change introduced by the CDM Regulations 2015 was the creation of the new role of the “Principal Designer”. Since the Regulations came into force in April, we have received many queries from clients about the nature of this role and who is best placed to perform it. While the role of Principal Designer is similar to the now defunct role of CDM Coordinator, there are differences which it is important to be aware of. Ultimate responsibility of ensuring a project complies with health and safety rests with the client and it is therefore vital that this appointment is made properly.

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