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Winckworth Sherwood team completes Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Tue 23 Aug 2016

On 20th August, a team of staff from Winckworth Sherwood took part in the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, all in the name of raising money for our charity of the year Providence Row.

The challenge, which takes in a route of 24 miles and total ascent of 5,200ft (1,585m), involved walking the peaks of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough all in under 12 hours! Despite some terrible weather, the team successfully completed the route and returned safely.


Well done to our team:

Layla D’Monte, Joe Barrett, Danielle Crawford, Nicholas Edwards, Julia Hollis, James Mackay, Annette Monthy, Laura Murray, Victoria Power, Magda Rozanska, Ian Sadler, Hayley Turner and two non WS staff, Kasia Mitchell and David Dundas.

Report from the team:


Pen y Ghent – these boots were made for walking

The beauty of doing the traditional counter-clockwise route is that you get straight on to the mountainside and with any luck you have your first mountain under your belt before lunch. But lady luck was going to play a trick on us, particularly Annette. The first 2 km were uneventful. The weather was not so bad and we were trotting along at a good pace. Then calamity struck Annette’s walking boots. The soles made an irrational bid for independence and broke away from the rest of the boot. Perhaps Boris promised them a better life. We all thought that there was no choice but for Annette to have to return to the start – but that lady was not for turning. Annette bandaged the soles to the boots, later taping them together, only for them to detach completely on the way down. Surely she could not carry on without shoes, only stumps! But carry on and finish she did. Although unconfirmed, we suspect that Annette is the first person to ever complete the challenge without shoes.

Another star performer was Danielle, who had packed enough food and other supplies for us all to survive for 5 days on the mountain. Her rucksack weighed an estimated 23kg! After a monumental struggle to the top and down again, Danielle was persuaded to part with some of her supplies and lighten the load. It was a sterling effort nonetheless. We re-grouped at the burger van, on the side of the road. The rain began to pelt down on us but we were upbeat and hard made excellent time.

Whernside – a perfect storm

We were dry when we set out.

And then it rained, it hailed, it swept us off our feet. It relentlessly battered us until we were drenched, until our boots were flooded, until our faces were stinging. Until at least some of us feared we would be blown off of the mountain. Visibility was less than a foot at times. There was nowhere to shelter. It took around 3-4 hours.

We got through it as a team and no one was left behind.

Inglebrough – ranger says ‘no’

The first dare-devils up the third peak were Laura, Phil, Kasia, Joe, Nick and Julia. Once they were safely back in the pub they reported atrocious conditions and some felt “unsafe” on the way down. But they made it down safely and completed the challenge within a very impressive 11 hours! They were cold and tired but nothing a hearty meal could not solve.

Layla and David had been acting as shepherds at the back of the group and were last to reach the third peak. By the time they got there the weather was so bad that it was unsafe to proceed. A ranger confirmed that the mountain was effectively shut and was quoted as saying: “it’s terrible up there and I am not coming to save you if you get stuck”.

But Ian, Magda, Vicky, Hayley, Annette and Danielle had already set off! They were the last group to attempt the mountain before it was shut. It was by all accounts, an epic battle of will power. The weather was against them but their tenacity bore out. All of them crossed the finish line within 12 hours.

If you would like to support the team and make a donation please visit their Just Giving page.

Find out more about the work Winckworth Sherwood are doing for Providence Row.

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